Taber FSC Coaches 

The Taber FSC has a dedicated group of coaches who strive to help all levels of skaters achieve their goals and have fun! Please contact your coach if you have any questions about your skater. 

- All private lesson fees are paid directly to your coach. 

- All coaches are expected to abide by the Skate Canada Coaches Code of Ethics

Kathleen Ward

Taber FSC Head Coach 

Trained Provincial Coach 

Trained CanPower Coach 

9 years experience

Rate: $10/ 15 min

Quad Gold Test and Novice Competitive

BSc. Psychology and Kinesiology 

Candidate for MSc. Neuroscience 


Toni Megyes

Certified Canskate Coach

Trained Regional Coach 


Cassandra Kimmen

Certified CanPower Coach 

Certified Canskate Coach 

Trained Regional Coach 

Jazlyn Thomas 

Provincial Coach 

CanPower Coach 

Pam Turcato

Power Skating